Summary of Program

It is a well-established tenet of human communications that we get more of what we want and need from others when we try and provide what others want and need. In fact, we really can’t have open and reciprocal communication without awareness of the other person’s interests, desires, and style of communicating. The Connected Communications Model provides six steps for increased influence and impact:

  1. Define the outcome you are seeking
  2. Examine the obstacles that are a current reality and why they exist
  3. Explore options using tools that collaborate instead of segregate
  4. Enlist others by building trust and securing shared accountability
  5. Execute in ways that encourage others to also choose connected communications
  6. Create intentional exchanges that are authentic, purposeful, and mutually influential

Key Benefits

  • Effectively apply the six steps of effective communication
  • Learn tools to generate influence and impact
  • Manage difficult conversations to create a positive outcome
  • Improve relationships with others through reflection and acting intentionally
  • Establish a personal brand of respect, trust, authenticity, and connection


Program Details

  • Full day session



  • Instruction from university professor, coach, and HR expert
  • Program materials
  • Individual exercises
  • Group learning activities

This program is led by Jennifer Currence, a senior-certified HR professional and university professor
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