Summary of Program

As a subject matter expert, you are responsible for ensuring implementation and adherence to best practices for your organization. It is critical, then, for you to present your ideas to executives in the most effective way possible. This course provides the in-depth knowledge, skills, and practice that will aid you in preparation, delivery, and follow-up of your presentation. We will work through case studies and real scenarios to practice new skills that are immediately applicable to the workplace.


Key Benefits

  • Connect with executives and align with the business needs
  • Clearly articulate the purpose of their presentation
  • Gain and retain the attention of the executive audience
  • Respond to questions in a way that extends their message and furthers their intention
  • Conclude in a way that compels executives to act


Program Details

  • Half or full day session options available



  • Instruction from university professor, coach, and HR expert
  • Program materials
  • Individual exercises
  • Group learning activities
  • Action and implementation plan

This program is led by Jennifer Currence, a senior-certified HR professional and university professor
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